Oct 22 2009


I just recieved these for FREE!




Marc Ecko is at it again. Sure the two Batman hoodies are repulsive and look like something you would see an obese 12 year old wearing but the other two are amazing.  Maybe it is the Halloween season consuming me but I would totally wear both the Friday the 13th and the Saw hoodies. 

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Oct 20 2009


The PS3 trophy card showdown is still delayed because ethostar is claiming that he is having sync problems, and I still think he is trying to buy more time…but whatever. In either case I am a proper sportsman and will wait.

Well since we are on the topic of ethostar and his excuses, can you please stop and take a look at the newest trophy he won…ethostar got a GOLD trophy for the following;

Zen - Leave game on idle in the end of credits for 30 minutes.
flOw trophy set | Earned Sat, 17 Oct 2009 06:33:26 -0500

Give me a break…if that isn’t a case of trophy hunting I don’t know what is. It is officially on ethostar…watch out!


Oct 19 2009


Stay tuned for this weeks trophy card update because ethostar claims “that his trophy card wont sync”, what i think is happening is, ethostar is “buying more time so he can beat Uncharted 2 and try to avoid having to play 2 hours of the bouncer.” But that is just my opinion, in all honesty I think ethostar is just being a baby.


Oct 18 2009

My first time….

….playing a game in four years. Yes, geeks you may metaphorically stone me with your Dreamcasts. You see, my type of nerdom for the longest time has been anything related to TV Shows and comics.

When I started University, I was just way too busy to make a commitment to a video game. All those levels, all those bosses….I just couldn’t get through ‘em. I think the last game I played from start to end was Buffy The Vampire Slayer for Xbox. Damn, memories.

So it’s been a few years and at the request of my brother last night I played Batman Arkham Asylum for Xbox 360….three syllables, one word. Amazing.

The graphics, the interface, the grappling….le sigh.

I’ll keep ya posted on my progress….assuming I will get to progress.

Tomorrow on Heroes: more slow character stuff. Nothing has really happened except for Claire having her Lesbian kiss with that Gretchen girl…borinnnnggggg…it comes off as gimicky and not earnest like in Buffy.

Anyways, the exciting part is that that Emma can now manipulate the colours of the sounds that she sees into an impactful force! Awesome! *ahem*

Oh and word on the blogosphere says that a Hero is about to bite the dust for good and it’s a character that no one would expect. I’m betting it’s Hiro since he’s getting all bloody from time traveling.



Pretty cool list

IGN is counting down the top 100 NES games of all time. I wonder where Little Nemo Dream Master ranks? (it was easily my favorite NES game maybe just behind A Boy and His Blob). Check the list here HERE .


Oct 13 2009


So PS3 Trophy Card Showdown -week 4 didn’t exist because the trophy card site was down, so here I am with a glorious week 5, and what a week it was. I got my second gold trophy and incase you didn’t know “I BEAT A GAME A DAY BEFORE ITS OFFICIAL RELEASE!” and that game was the one and only UNCHARTED 2.

Here are the totals for Week 5;




Dog Chew Controller Winner totals:
straightxedge – 5 Weeks
Ethos – 0 Weeks

Longest Streak:
straightxedge – 5 Weeks.

The Bouncer Total Hours Owed:
straightxedge – 0 hours
Ethostar – 1 hour (next week it will be 2 hours)

The Bouncer Total Hours Played:
straightxedge – 0 hours
Ethostar  – 0 hours

Next Bouncer Landmark:
World Ranking – 40 000 (I WILL REACH THIS NEXT WEEK, 422 SPOTS AWAY)

Point being I win yet again




Uncharted 2 was 10 hours of pure enjoyment. I loved this game and wished it was longer. 10 hours isn’t a long time when it flies by and feels like you were playing for no more than 30 minutes.

Beating Uncharted 2 last night now gives me new bragging rights, I BEAT A GAME A DAY BEFORE ITS OFFICIAL RELEASE! Not many people can claim this, but now I can and I know anytime someone brings up Uncharted 2, I am going to have a total elitist approach and brag about the fact that I beat the game before it hit store shelves.

If you were expecting a review of Uncharted 2 all I can say is buy it! And if you don’t buy it you are a complete moron with no taste in video games, you probably smell and we are no longer friends.


Oct 12 2009


In honour of Thanksgiving I would like to share with you the best use of turkeys in a video game. Enjoy!


Oct 09 2009


So a good friend and co-worker over at Awesome With A Side Of Sweet recieved an early copy of Uncharted 2 and since he has a well deserved day off/extra long weekend, and the last place he wants to be is at work to pick up a game, he told me to enjoy it for the weekend. And that is what I am going to do! I think I am going to have to put NHL10 down for a few days and conquer Uncharted 2, fogert Thanksgiving weekend, this has officially become Uncharted 2 weekend.


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